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Launch dynamic offer creation and boost your offer management capabilities

Introducing PROS Dynamic Offers – the first science-based solution that enables airlines to create, price and distribute offers dynamically. Powered by PROS proprietary pricing science the solution is a flexible tool that lets airlines manage on their own the total airline offer – fare, seat and ancillaries. Its robust offer management capabilities are designed to support any airline regardless of its retail maturity, size or legacy ecosystem. Flexible – to ensure control over product and price. Scalable – to support top performance for any airline digital direct (web, mobile) or direct connect NDC channel.


Dynamic Offer Creation: The Path to Airline Recovery


According to airline executives, top areas for driving demand and revenues post-pandemic will be ancillaries and merchandising, revenue optimization and pricing optimization through dynamic pricing, digital web and mobile experience*. These key capabilities are the backbone for industry’s recovery. Airlines that embrace dynamic offer creation and advance toward retailing today are poised to reap the benefits as demand soars.
*Source: PROS Airline Survey

Build Optimal Products and Bundles


With PROS Dynamic Offers airlines can achieve greater product differentiation, while simplifying their offer creation process. Stand out from the competition by designing more relevant and personalized offers and ancillary bundles that convert travelers better during flight shopping and booking.

Generate Prices Dynamically


PROS science-based dynamic pricing (also known as continuous pricing) is the next frontier in maximizing airline revenue. Power revenue-optimal offers with confidence to match willingness to pay. Not there yet? Experiment with robust business rules to dynamically price based on the channel, passenger type, customer touchpoint and RM data like load factor.

Scale and Optimize Distribution


PROS Dynamic Offers enables airlines to take control over offer creation for any direct connect channel like NDC partners and metasearch engines. Scale direct distribution across your network to reach more eyeballs with richer offers and improve shopping speed, accuracy and consistency.

Your Solution for Dynamic Offer Management


Benefits of PROS Dynamic Offers include:

  • Airline-led off-PSS offer creation
  • NDC and order-ready
  • Flexible total offer management
  • User-friendly UI and UX
  • Product differentiation through product bundling
  • Customer-centric retailing techniques
  • Quick response to market changes
  • Proven science-based dynamic pricing
  • Scalability for omni-channel distribution

See Results* with PROS Dynamic Offers

  • Optimized distribution cost
  • Greater customer choice
  • Reduced shopping response times
  • Improved offer accuracy
  • Personalized offers based on traveler and channel
*Source: PROS Customer Case Studies

Which PROS Dynamic Offers Capabilities are Right For You?

Key Capabilities PROS Dynamic Offers
NDC Level 2 Capable
Offer Management
Shopping & Pricing
Affinity Shopping
Re-shopping & Repricing
Ancillary Merchandising
Ancillary Bundling
Dynamic Pricing

Best-of-breed Shopping and Pricing

In the NDC world offer management requires control over the total airline offer which includes the fare, seat and ancillaries. This is why PROS Dynamic Offers is powered by a robust shopping and pricing engine. It ensures that airlines’ offer creation efforts are compliant with industry’s pricing standards (ATPCO and IATA), while providing the necessary flexibility and control to manage various aspects of the airline product and pricing. As a result, airlines can:


  • Power comprehensive flight search in milliseconds response times: all brands, cabins and ancillaries for any channel
  • Design a variety of affinity shopping applications like long-range calendars, map and budget flight search, price histograms and more
  • Fuel a rich re-shopping experience in cases of flight changes and cancellations
Learn more about PROS shopping capabilities

Catalog of Ancillary Products and Bundles

Transitioning to dynamic offers requires adopting retailing capabilities. PROS Dynamic Offers supports comprehensive merchandising techniques to design attractive ancillary offers and market them with rich media. This helps airlines manage their ATPCO-filed or own product catalog and control how it is offered across channels and customer touchpoints. Powerful pricing based on business rules or load factor data helps maximize revenue per passenger. Airlines also benefit from advanced capabilities for ancillary bundling:


  • Group any products from your catalog into a-la-carte bundle offers
  • Create your own fare buckets (fare families) and diversify the ancillaries included
  • Manage robust retailing techniques for bundling and pricing based on channel, passenger type, time of purchase and frequent flyer level
Learn more about PROS merchandising capabilities

Accurate Seat Availability and Dynamic Pricing

Real-time accurate availability is critical to protect airlines from revenue spoilage. Carriers need consistency for their customers across all sales partners and distribution channels. PROS Dynamic Offers supports real-time availability that scales with the airline’s growth. Airlines can deploy availability strategies through intuitive and user-friendly workflows. Take pricing to the next level:


  • Leverage science-based dynamic pricing (continuous pricing) to capture customers’ willingness to pay
  • Grow revenue by meeting demand opportunities between two filed fares
  • Gain additional pricing flexibility and control across channels
Learn more about PROS dynamic pricing capabilities

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