Smart Price Optimization and Management

Develop Impactful Pricing Strategies with Cutting-Edge AI

Deliver instant, personalized prices, tailored for every unique buying and selling interaction and coordinated with all your go-to-market channels

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Smart Price Optimization and Management Software

Discover how to Improve key Aspects of your Pricing Practices

Leverage Dynamic Pricing Software for Omnichannel Experiences

To meet buyers’ needs and solve even the most complex business challenges, PROS allows pricing leaders to set AI-powered algorithmic price strategies, harmonized across all sales channels and optimized to evolving business needs, market conditions and customer expectations

To eliminate over-discounting, inconsistencies, and high variability in your prices, PROS empowers you with:

  • Comprehensive pricing logic
  • Flexible business rules
  • The latest cutting-edge AI for price optimization

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Personalize Price Recommendations for Every Buyer

For negotiated selling PROS ensures price recommendations consider customers’ willingness-to-pay, empowering sales teams to provide faster quotes with the right prices. For eCommerce, you are equipped to drive personalized digital buying experiences with real-time pricing capabilities that continually adjust prices to market shifts and competitor actions.

With PROS you gain insight into the applied scientific segmentation model and supporting evidence of what your buyers truly value. Easy-to-use analytics dashboards allow you to:

  • Assess the magnitude of your price optimization
  • Get attribute and peer group visibility for each individual price recommendation
  • Break open the “black box” and visualize what is going on behind the advanced pricing science


The price optimization capabilities are delivered with super-user controls and guided workflows that allow you to interact with the output and modify the segmentation model to align better with your needs to win.

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Win C-Level Executives Trust by Making the Right Pricing Decisions for the Business

Make data-driven decisions by analyzing the potential impact of your price models using simulations. When the market evolves, quickly adjust pricing by comparing different scenarios and choosing the best outcome for the business, in alignment to your KPIs.

Ensure accuracy in the referenced market information, used in your pricing, by setting predefined limits and automated validations. Keep pricing data and analyses secure, yet accessible, by defining different user and data access and privileges to each team member or group, based on roles responsibilities.

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Automated Pricing Workflows Extending into Sales

Ensure price precision in quotes, agreements, and renewals by streamlining changes across your price lists with automatic price calculations. Accelerate stakeholder price reviews with approval workflows across the required levels in the organization.

Rely on PROS to help you incentivize customer bulk purchases and support more effectively sales negotiations with volume and tier-based pricing capabilities.

Simplify pricing administration and enable business efficiency at a global scale, by relying on real-time conversions of price lists and charts to preferred currencies and units of measure.

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Discover your Potential and Eliminate Leaks via Configurable Charts

Using PROS you can build custom dashboards for quick access to preferred data sources. With more than 15 different chart types available, the solution suggests ways to view the same data from an alternative perspective, while maintaining selected context.

  • Easily spot trends, data outliers and uncover hidden costs
  • Understand what the revenue drivers for the business are and how rebate programs and discounts affect your margins
  • Take relevant action to prevent revenue and margin leakage and drive improvements

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Seamless Real-Time Price Guidance for eCommerce

In a few years about 80% of your sales will likely come through the digital environment. Don’t wait! Drive eCommerce growth and support digital self-serve platforms with PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management robust cloud capabilities and powerful real-time price delivery.

Super-Fast Performance for Digital Self-Service Needs

Designed for superior omnichannel selling in highly competitive environments, PROS real-time pricing incorporates the latest market information. Your digital business is empowered to deliver personalized, dynamic prices across all channels in milliseconds, with the sub-second response times today’s buyers expect.

Scalable to Seasonal or Abrupt Fluctuations in Demand

The high-performance capabilities of PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management can generate real-time price calculations for tens of millions of daily price requests. And even if your demand is highly volatile, PROS will process and deliver growing or decreasing price requests without impacting response time and system availability.

Dynamic Prices that are Always Available to Buyers

PROS erases interruptions, so your digital business continues driving sales with 99.99% availability for price requests. And we provide our customers with response and uptime SLAs, so their online stores continue to thrive in this digital world.

How PROS Science, AI and Machine Learning Technology Optimizes your Pricing

Continually updates the segmentation model to accommodate changing business needs

Provides dynamic pricing recommendations that balance maximized value with customers’ willingness-to-pay

Displays revenue uplift potential and prioritizes price correction opportunities

Ensures transparency into the data​ by showing price change impact, attribute depth analysis and peer-specific information

Enables an eCommerce pricing model, accounting for demand-elasticity, seasonal shifts and changing competitive situations

Optimizes prices based on margin or revenue objectives for eCommerce, or aggressiveness levels for a negotiated selling



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Great for businesses that need to create holistic, omnichannel pricing strategies and power their digital sales channels.


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Great for businesses that want to be equipped to respond the fastest to changing market patterns, with the best price, to win business and improve revenue and profitability.


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Great for businesses that want to inform their pricing strategies with demand and capacity forecasting or even their own first-party data science capabilities; and drive more of their business to self-service channels.

Smart Price Optimization and Management is part of the PROS Platform,

a unified SaaS solution at the heart of driving transformative selling experiences.

Businesses today rely on the PROS Platform to deliver personalized offer recommendations to their buyers, through all possible sales channels, resulting in greater sales at higher margins.

Learn how you can make every buying experience more personalized and every transaction more profitable.

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